Lotusbubble’s Sketch Pack

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The Lotusbubble Sketch Pack is a set of 7 brushes compatible with Procreate 5+ 

Searching for the perfect brushes in digital art can feel overwhelming at times, especially when there are so many options out there. In my sketch pack I’ve created 7 essential brushes that have a wide range of rendering capabilities; from velvety smooth to soft chalkiness, they make the sketching process feel simple, streamlined and effortless. This brush set is designed to create a breezy sketchy look with silky smooth accents for a balanced aesthetic. 

Gesture Sketch will aid you in your quest for a base-sketch that flows with movement and airiness. Adding on top of that layer with Soft Sketch will bring out gentle details with soft definition, while Round Render adds richness and depth. Thin Liner will bring your sketch’s foundation to sharp clarity with detail and clean edges. After all of that, Chalky Detail and Chalky Rough will add grit and grain to contrast the smoothness. In the final stages of your nearly-complete drawing, the Textured Brush will carry you the rest of the way on its silky waves of lightly textured glory. 


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Lotusbubble’s Sketch Pack

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